27 Advanced Modeling and Solution Capabilities.
No Other Scheduling Apps Have All Of These!

Introducing a Breakthrough in APS Technology

Introducing a Breakthrough in APS Technology ADF/APS ©Advanced Descriptive Framework for Advanced Planning and Scheduling (ADF/APS) is a new level of Technology that dramatically increases the capabilities of the current APS Standards. This level incorporates descriptive features that model production activities more accurately than previous APS applications. Here are a few examples of the new standard introduced by Unique Scheduling Solutions. No time buckets. This means there is no rounding up or down for activity durations that are not an exact number of pre-defined buckets like hours, days, shifts, etc. It is not a spreadsheet derivative. This alone provides a…

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Closing the Loop on MES and Lights-Out Production A White Paper © 2022 Unique Scheduling Solutions, LLC. September 2022 Recently, the Gartner Group published a white paper entitled “Lights-Out Production…

Why FAST Scheduling for Manufacturing?

Now you can get all the scheduling capabilities of a 6-figure installed system 
without the initial set-up hassles, recurring maintenance fees, or internal IT requirements.

Intermittent Use of Machines/People
Routings & Precedence Networks
Time-Varying Requirements
Cost is Fraction of Enterprise Systems

FAST Scheduling Will Change the Way You Run Your Business!

Some of the features that make Unique Scheduling an ideal solution for manufactures.

Production Tasks

Production tasks can use any number of machines, technicians, work centers, tools, other resources. Automatic determination of Available to Promise (ATP) dates.

Resources for Any Intervals

Use resources for any intervals within the task. Specify as many on-and-off usage intervals as desired. Even change the quantities required within the task.

Multi-Level Planning

Coordinate high-level and shop-floor schedules.

Attributes on Any Resource 

You can describe people by skill, machines by capacity, location, size, etc.

No Time Buckets

Times need not be specified in preset increments. Durations can be adjusted based on quantities required and run-rates.

Products & Routings

Input any number of Routings and Production Sequences.

Start & Finish Constraints

Earliest start and latest finish constraints on any or all work orders and production tasks. Includes separations and overlaps between tasks.

Wild Card Requirement

Schedule using specified requirements or "any" from a qualified pool.


Awesome savings for manufacturers. Do the math!

5-15% Better Utilization of Expensive Capital Resources.

40-60% Reduction In Planning Labor.

Finds More Capacity Than You Thought You Had!

Accurate Promise Dates.
See for Yourself!    

Synchronized High-Level and
Shop-Floor Schedules.

Accurate Capacity Plans for Growth Scenarios.


A short demo will show you why we are different from other systems such as Appointment Schedulers, Project Schedulers or even MRP/ERP. It will give you a brief overview of the capabilities of or system to describe both simple and the most complex scheduling scenarios. In the demo, you will see some of the flexibility to create schedules, modify them, resolve conflicts and obtain efficient utilization of scarce and shared resources.


Our solution process draws from recent developments in “Finite Capacity Scheduling.” It combines sophisticated computer algorithms with reasoning extracted from successful schedulers working in a variety of environments where constraints are prevalent and resources may be scarce. Success of the approach has been demonstrated by its current use where schedules are critical.


Want to see how your own data functions with the FAST scheduling software? Contact us and send us a description of your production process. Include routings/processes, machines/tools, people/skills, example work orders, etc. We develop a pilot data set for the FAST scheduler. We collaborate and support a transition to everyday use.

Who has benefitted from the FAST technology?

See how FAST scheduling can help your manufacturing business.

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